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You need a colour shampoo to help hold the tone and help increase the shine. It could also be a result of lightning services.

You need a hydrating shampoo or repair one depending on how dry the hair is.

We need to have a chat and try to see what’s wrong ? Has medication changed ? Changed your shampoo and conditioner?

Well all colouring can be damaging for hair which is why your hair stylist should advise things to help such as Olaplex if your lifting hair or the correct shampoo and conditioner for home care.

This creates strain on your hair follicles and can in some cases pull from the root causing hair loss or breakage.

Pollution- one of the biggest problems we can’t see it sits on the hair until it is washed off there are some amazing shampoos to help
With this especially in city’s you can feel the difference.

Constantly touching your hair causing an oil build up in one area and pulling hair follicles.

Food have a massive effect on our hair and skin can effect how oily your hair is.

Well, hormones what don’t they mess with !

We see many different things with our lovely ladies going through the change from hair loss lack of lift to oily hair mostly your hair can feel how you feel.

Hair loss is a big one for new mummy’s of course it comes back but you will lose it first Or sometimes within the first year or so. ( not everyone does though)

Heat = damage you should always use a heat protection spray

You should be gentle when brushing and if you come across a knot handle it with care not rag your brush through.

Sleeping on a cotton pillow case causes fiction with the hair which you don’t get on a silk case. Also changing your pillow case is so important ever wondered why you washed your hair and it’s feels oily the nest day ? Well your pillow case has the oil on from the day before!

Also always dry you hair off at the root never go to sleep with extremely wet hair it will feel oily the next day.

‘I have had my hair coloured previously’

Yes it is our salon policy to do a face to face consultation in salon to make sure we provide the best and most accurate service possible it also means we can carry out any necessary test.

No unfortunately we don’t offer any colour to children under 16! As no insurance will cover you for this.

All appointments are by appointment only so my hours vary. I do offer early appointments and late ones on occasion but they are at my discretion and so I can best accommodate my clients.

If you were unable to find the answer to your question here, please contact us via your preferred method.

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